How does soap hurt the environment?



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    Ultimately, it depends on what kind of soap and the ingredients used to make it (along with the packaging). Consider that most commercial soaps are made from animal tallow, paraffin wax, and other oil derivatives. If used on animals for testing, they can have harmful side effects such as: skin diseases, birth defects, and liver damage. There is also this one ingredient – triclosan – that is commonly used as an antibacterial agent and has the ability to create more potent strains of bacteria. Plus, the packaging of some soaps is really unnecessary and hard to recycle, this another way.

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    I would highly recommend Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soap as an alternative. Dr. Bronner’s is the only soap and shampoo you can safely use in the wilderness and as a frequent rafter I have appreciated it for years and even use it at home and in my hair. Besides, not only is it a highly efficient soap, claiming each bottle has a thousand uses, it also is a “soapbox”. I enjoy reading Dr. Bronner’s interesting, eccentric philosophy, which is included on every bottle. Dr. Bronner’s also promotes activism and social responsibility by partaking in constructive capitalism, where you share the profit with the workers and the earth.

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