How does smoking pollute the environment?



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    There are about 4,000 chemicals in a cigarette, and when a person is smoking one, he/she is is not only breathing in those chemicals but is also releasing them into the air when breathing out. 

    Cigarette butts also end up on the floor most often than not, and eventually end up in oceans and lakes, polluting water as well.

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    One of the damages that comes from smoking, not directly related to the smoker, is secondhand smoke. When somebody smokes a cigarette, they are also affecting those around them (both humans and animals);. Secondhand smoke can make those around you sick, and can even cause cancer in the people who are around smokers.

    Smoking also creates a lot of garbage, as many smokers do not throw their cigarette butts away in the designated areas, and many end up on the ground, on the road, or in the grass. Smokers who discard of cigarette butts in dry grasses can also cause fires, which have numerous negative impacts on the environment.

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    Besides pollution related to secondhand smoke, discarded butts, and other smoking-related litter (lighters, packs, etc), smoking causes poillution resulting from the use of pesticides and fertilizers on tobacco plantations.

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    Cigarettes and other tobacco products do a lot to affect the environment. When burning or just being breathed, a cigarette releases a few thousand chemicals into the air that are poisonous and unhealthy to the smoker and those around the smoker. These chemicals are breathed in by others and damage lungs and other organs of the body over time, and leads to many health complications such as heart disease and cancer. The worst part is that one does not even need to be the one smoking to receive these ill effects, but simply be around someone who does. And of course there is the trash that is produced from smokers throwing their used butts and cartons onto the ground. If there are still residual chemicals left on the butt, it can affect water and soil.  

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