How does smog contribute to our pollution problem?



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    Smog isn’t so much a contributor to our pollution problem as it is an effect. The word itself is a portmanteau of “Smoke” and “Fog”, and Smog itself is caused the exhaust and other pollutants caused by cars, trucks, paint, power plants, and other industrialization mixing with atomized water droplets in the air to create a sort of hanging acid rain. The worst part is that Smog is often inhaled, and can cause a variety of health problem, like emphysema and bronchitis. But it is definitely cause by, not a cause of pollution.

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    Smog is a form of air pollution.  It is comprised of small particulates and gasses such as CO2, NOx, methane, SO2, sulfuric acid and other items that are either bad themselves, or undergo chemical reactions that make environmentally damaging stuff.  When it rains, some of these particles rain down on our Earth to create acid rain which can be damaging to crops.

    You could also take this question in reverse and ask how pollution affects smog.  This would be considering the emissions from cars, industrial plants and even natural things like decaying plants and forest fires.

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