How does smog affect the growth of children?



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    This one’s been asked and answered already –


    Lung development in children can be stunted by smog – a study of 3,000 4th, 7th and 10th graders in southern CA (1993) found that on average, lung function growth was higher in cleaner communities and lower in communities with more air pollution.  Children that spent more time outdoors were more affected.
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    It also might be affecting the IQ of children in polluted areas.  A 2007 study performed on kids from ages 8-11 in Boston’s 202 area where scientists gave the children two different intelligence tests, and the results?–children in less polluted areas did on average 3.7 points better than the others in more polluted, traffic heavy parts of town.  The citation goes into further detail.

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    Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta (CHOA) has actually provided an excellent online guide (in PDF format) for parents to look through and educate themselves and their family on the dangers of smog and air pollution for children and great ways to avoid its harmful effects.

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