How does smog affect children differently than adults?



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    Children are affected more by smog due to several reasons. For one, they spend more time outside than adults, which means they breathe more in. They also tend to breathe in from their mouths more, which means the smog goes directly to the lungs instead of getting filtered through the nose. These two points, in combination with the fact that children are more susceptible to infection and disease, means that children get sick more easily from smog than adults. Furthermore, children’s lungs are still developing at their age, which means smog can have more of a negative effect on their development than on the already-mature lungs of an adult.

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    Children are affected by the air they breathe differently than adults because of the physiology of their bodies.  When children breathe in, they inhale more air with each breath.  They also breathe faster (especially during exercise) so all together they take in significantly more air (whether it is polluted or not).  When the air is polluted it negatively affects children to a stronger degree because of the pure volume they are forcing their bodies to process.

    Also, because children’s lungs are still developing, early and excess exposure to bad air can contribute to a higher risk of respiratory disease in adult life. 

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