How Does SlotGuard Stop Junk Mail?

I found a site called that says they stop junk mail, phone books, and credit offers from any company. They only charge $10 per year. How do they do this?



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    Junk mail, aside from being bad for the environment because of the unnecessary amount of paper that is wasted, is a major contributor to identity theft. SlotGuard stops junk mail by contacting the companies that sends it out and requests that they remove you from the mailing list. SlotGuard then follows up on each request to ensure that junk mail has stopped. SlotGuard also offers tips on how to stop junk mail yourself.

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      So they tell everyone to stop, or do they also use other services that help with this? It seems like a pretty big undertaking to do on their own. Kudos to them if that’s what they’re doing though!

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      It appears that the company contacts the junk mail companies on their own in order to stop junk mail. To provide security, SlotGuard is partnered with to process payments. It does seem like a big undertaking, which is why I would be hesitant to try it.

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    Whenever you buy or subscribe to a product or service and give the company your name and mailing address, there is a significant chance that your address will be added to a mailing list used for direct marketing.  Companies retain these lists to solicit future offers, and they often rent the lists to other companies so they, too, can solicit.

    Consequently, there are countless databases with your information stored in them, and contacting them yourself can be tricky and time-consuming if you don’t even have a company name.  SlotGuard is a convenient service offered to do the leg work for you.  It allows you to create a “block list” and a “safe list” (of mail you do want) to ensure all mail is properly filtered.  It also safeguards you against identity theft by stopping pre-approved credit card offers, etc. from coming through your mail. 

    If you want to avoid paying the annual fee, but still want to stop junk mail, contact the Direct Marketing Association’s Mail Prefernce Service.

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