How does science drive technology?



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    I would almost argue that its the other way around. As technological advances continue to make things smaller, faster, and more portable, science has become a thing that once was relatively difficult for people to understand, and introduce it to them in ways that are easier. People are more mobile now, therefore more scientific experiments can occur now, because the process has been decentralized from the labratory to basically anywhere you want.

    Having said that, technological advances often rely on harnessing a power that was discovered / theorized scientifically first, so in some ways technology can be seen as then physical application of science (I guess engineering being where the two meet).

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    I think it goes both ways. I think science can make discoveries with no practical applications, and technological advances can harnes such discoveries.  And yes, science is available to more people, and thus easier to understand and experiement with.  Both are constantly being pushed and pursued, so innovation, particularly in the green industry, continues to grow.

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