How does the salt get in the sea water?



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    The Salts in seawater are primarily Sodium Chloride, the Cation; Sodium, is believed to have leeched out from the ocean floors when the oceans were formed – the Anion, Chlorine, is believed to be a result of off-gassing of Hydrochloric Acid from Earth’s internal thermodynamics through deep sea vents and volcanoes.

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    Most of the ocean’s salts were derived from gradual processes such the breaking up of the cooled igneous rocks of the Earth’s crust by weathering and erosion, the wearing down of mountains, and the dissolving action of rains and streams which transported their mineral washings to the sea. Some of the ocean’s salts have been dissolved from rocks and sediments below its floor. Other sources of salts include the solid and gaseous materials that escaped from the Earth’s crust through volcanic vents or that originated in the atmosphere.

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