How does the Recovery Act help the green movement?



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    The main feature of the recovery act which aids in the green movement is the focus on the expansion of “green-collar” jobs. According to the “Apollo Alliance and many of its state and national partners to assure that the more than $100 billion that Congress authorized for clean energy development is spent ‘in a way that truly moves America toward a sustainable economy with broadly shared prosperity.'” Assuming that this statement is true, the recovery act would allow for a big push in the green sector by alotting the aformentioned $100 billion into creating new jobs and encouraging green businesses to expand.

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    The Recovery Act, among other things, invested heavily in the emerging markets of alternative energy. A total of ^61.3 billion was spent on energy based initiatives. These include; $11 billion towards developing an electronic smart-grid, $6 billion invested in renewable energy projects, $6 billion invested in toxic waste clean ups and $5 billion towards weatherizing and insulating private homes. There were a number of other provisions but these were the largest and most widespread changes that go hand in hand with the green movement.

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