How does the rainforest help people?



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    First because rain forests cover 7% of land’s surface, it significantly hedges the greenhouse gas effect by both releasing oxygen into the atmosphere and storing carbon dioxide in its vegetation. There used to be twice as much rain forest before so much of it was destroyed for commercial purposes. 

    The medicinal capabilities of herbs and plants are utilized in some of our most advanced medicine. The National Cancer Institute claims that 70% of plants useful in cancer treatment are found only in the rain forest; many of those species would not survive in foreign climates and ecosystems. 

    Lastly, the rain forest has incredible bio-diversity. It is an environment where all types of life seems to thrive. Biologists believe that 30,000 species of plant in the rain forest have yet to be discovered. Hundreds of mammal species inhabit the rain forest; many going extinct because of a shrinking ecosystem. If not for further understanding of the biological world, the shear beauty and wonder of the rain forest is worth keeping it around.

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