How does radiation kill cancer?



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    First, you must understand how cancer cells work.  Cancer cells develop faster than regular cells in the human body, and are partly comprised of water.  When radiation treatment is implemented on a cancer patient, the radiation reacts with the water in the cancer cell which damages the cell’s DNA that controls cell growth.  This is important because left untreated, the cancer cells will keep dividing and therefore, will keep producing more cancer cells in the person’s body.  Because it is harder for cancer cells to repair themselves, with radiation treatment they usually die.  However, radiation treatment also damages a lot of healthy, normal cells which is why people become so sick when they get cancer treatment.  However, receiving small and frequent doses of radiation helps limit the damage to these healthy cells so that the body can more effectively help fight off the remaining cancer.  To learn more about cancer and radiation treatment, refer to the links below.

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    Radiation therapy for cancer uses x-rays or gamma rays to destroy the DNA of cancer cells so that they are unable to further reproduce. It can be applied by radiation beams, known as external-beam radiation therapy, or it can be placed in the body near the cancer cells, known as internal radiation therapy. There is also systemic radiation therapy, which delivers radioactive iodine in the blood to kill cancer cells.

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