How does a nuclear power plant get its energy?



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    Nuclear power plants use the same concept as any other power plant for creating electricity. This method is that a heat source turns water into steam which propels some turbines that generate electricity. The differences in plants are the material used to heat water, in case of a nuclear power plants use unstable molecules such as Uranium-235 for fuel. When a neutron collides with one of those molecules, it splits and releases heat energy and more neutrons. Those neutrons then release more neutrons and more heat to create a nuclear chain reaction. To prevent the reaction from getting out of hand control rods are used to absorb the excess neutrons. 

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    The basics of obtaining energy in any electrical setup is for an atom being split and then splitting other atoms to release tremendous amounts of heat. In the nuclear it is a closed area that contains the radiation produced be control rods. The heat is what is fed into the generators that produces the electric currents.

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