How does wind power help the environment?



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    It is an abundant and ultra-clean energy source. It’s practically perpetual–you are never going to run out of sun or wind (at least in the near future— I’m not worried about a billion years from now, I’m worried about one hundred…one thousand…)—and it is carbon free (after the manufacturing process is completed at least)… Therefore, we need to be investing in wind technology and building as many wind energy driven farms as humanly possible in the immediate future so we can cap our carbon emissions sooner than later! Wind, solar, geothermal, tidal, hydroelectric, biomechanical (or even nuclear) are all much better ways to go because they are closer to carbon neutral (they don’t pollute and pour co2 into the environment in the process of creating the energy that powers our electronic devices— or we could do without them, but which would you choose?) To pollute or not to pollute?

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