How does potting soil help plants grow?



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    Potting soil is rich in nutrients required by plants to grow such as nitrogen and potassium and has a good pH level.  It also has just the right amount of sand, silt, and clay to provide optimum growing conditions.

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    Plants need soil to be well aerated to help them grow better.  A health earth relies on critters, rocks, and roots for aeration.  In a pot, the soild tends to become a dense mass through which water and oxgen can’t permeate.  Good potting soil mimics nature by providing plant nutrients and materials that allow for drainage and aeration. 

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    The many varieties of potting soil offer ideal growing environments for all sorts of plants.  Potting soils vary in their structure (particle size), which allows gardeners to select potting soils with different rates of water drainage to suit their plants’ needs.  Potting soil is free of weed/grass seeds, sterilized, and full of important nutrients and fertilizers that will help your plants thrive.

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