How does pollution cause acid rain?



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    CO2, Sulfuric Acid and Nitrogen Oxide emissions from autos, coal power plants and industrial factories produce smog. Clouds of smog mingle with vapor in the atmosphere which produces acid rain. 

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    Activities such as burning of car tyres, volcanoes, burning of fossil fuel like coal, petrol and gasoline etc, introduce gaseous elements like sulphur, CO2, CO, nitrogen and many others into the atmosphere. These gases lkie suphur will combine with water (H2O) in the atmosphere to produce H2SO4 which is a strong and dibasic acid. Nitrogen can combine with some molecules of oxygen and hydrogen to form HNO3 another monobasic acid which is also strong. These acids fall together with condensed water vapour as acid rain and are inimical to house roofs, sculptural works and even the soil microbes among others.

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