How does the pollution from Asia affect the US?



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    Pollution from Asia affects the US because the winds carry the pollution over the pacific through the jet stream to the US. This is compounded once the Asian pollution arrives by cities such as Los Angeles, and the pollution continues to disperse over time and diffuses into the atmosphere. Pollution ends up covering the globe because of this principle. 

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    The amount of atmopsheric carbon is in equilibrium with other reservoirs of carbon within the global carbon cycle. The same property is true for other pollutants. Emissions from Asia are not necessarily ‘caried over’ from one place to another, but instead contribute to the total concentration of emissions in the atmosphere. Each of the pools of carbon are in equilibrium and humans, whether in Asia or the U.S. are accelarating this process.

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    Its all in the wind.  Below I have a link to the NASA website where you can see the image captures that show it traveling.  

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