How does politics affect people going green?



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    I think politics discourages many conservatives/Republicans from going green because political leaders frame environmental issues as part of a liberal agenda. The politicizing of climate change has hindered progress towards greener initiatives immensely. Many Republicans see green initiatives as a way Democrats can raise taxes and hurt businesses. I think both parties should want to work towards conserving our natural resources and polluting less, because we all need these resources in order to survive and to give future generations a good quality of life. There are ways to pursue green initiatives without hurting economic profit. 

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    Mostly it comes down to political bias. Everyone has it, one way or the other. For some, letting the environment take precedence over business interests further hurts the economy and business’ ability to compete in the world market. There are folks in America that believe that if we halt all business ventures that may pose a threat, however small or large, to the environment, then we will suffer financially and the economy will totally collapse. That may be a bit of an overstatement, as many industries in the America and abroad are always finding new ways to go green. Frankly, these edgy political battles stem from special interests that use wealth and power to influence through lobbying in Washington, D.C. Lobbying is probably one of the biggest offenders to the issue, because people with a lot of business interests can easily outbid any opposition if they are truly willing to spend the money to do so. In the article below, many pro-environment groups were overshadowed by companies like ExxonMobil, and ultimately lost the battle through the clever use of money and influence. I wish lobbying was not permissible in this day and age, as it really does allow for special interests to always get their way, provided they can afford to do so. Of course, to be fair, that would also discount lobbying attempts from those that oppose business interests too, so they would have to be much more clever.

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