How does playdough hurt the environment?



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    This same question was asked about a year ago on greenanswers:

    While play dough isn’t bad for the environment, play-doh contains additives and preservatives that one may not want a young child exposed to. Homemade play dough isn’t impossible, though, and with recipes online, one can be completely certain of what his or her child is playing with. There are even recipes for organic play dough!

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    Since play dough is mostly water, salt, and flour, along with a little of a few other things, like a preservative, a lubricant, and a coloring, I can’t imagine that it is that bad for the environment. Kids do eat it sometimes, and the only concern is the amount of salt in it – so if they eat a lot it can be a problem, but play dough is generally non-toxic. I’ve seen articles by moms worried about mystery ingredients in play dough that hurt their kids/the environment, but this seems to just be a bad feeling based on the unnatural color and weird texture of the dough, not on any inside knowledge about its ingredients.

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