How does a plant change throughout the plants life?



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    A plant first starts off as a seed. Once it is in soil, or sometimes just water, and exposed to some light it germinates. Then it grows into a sprout, growing stronger roots and getting taller. From here a plant can be in three categories: annual, biannual or perennial. An annual plant will grow from a youth to a mature plant in one season, between 28 days or until the time it takes for warm weather to subside. A plant may never reach full maturity. This depends on the nutrients available to it through soil, sunlight and water. An annual, depending on its plant family will after maturity or when it “thinks” it has gone through maturity because of cold weather fluctuation, will either bolt or go to seed. After this, the plant will die.

    The conditions are true for a biennial, except it takes two years for the full cycle to proceed. Perennials will go to seed, but will not die. It will propogate itself in this way year after year and grow ever more bountiful.

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