How does paper production hurt the environment?



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    Paper production uses massive amounts of energy and water. It also releases toxins from the cholrination process into the envrionment. These industries release chlorine compounds into the air and water. Cholrine compounds have been known to cause reproductive and developmental problems. Also, the paper industry releases dioxinss which are some of the most toxic chemicals in existence. Dioxins were used as a defoliant, (agent orange) in the Vietnam war. The effects of these toxins still persist in certain Vietnamese populations today.

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    Firstly paper production need lots of deforestation.Thus disturbs the ecological balnce of the nature.

    Second thing is that ,its production requires lots of amount of water and energy.

    Then its processing is done with the help of elemental chlorine gas, which releases many harmful toxins, causing air and water pollution.

    But now paper is made from the bagasse that comes from sugercane. In this the leftover pulp of the crushed cane is used for the production of paper.



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