How does the pacific ocean differ from other oceans?



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    For one, the Pacific Ocean is the world’s largest body if water, containing 65.3 million square miles of water, it takes up nearly 46 percent of the entire world’s surface area. The Mariana Trench, the deepest known place on the Earth is located in the Pacific, between Asia and Australia and measures 35,800 feet deep. Perhaps the most interesting and unique characteristic of the Pacific Ocean is that the entire outline of the body of water is lined with mountain ranges of active volcanoes and deep trenches of molten rock. The Pacific ocean borders many continental plates, and as they continue to drift around atop the Earth’s molten core, these volcanoes and cracks in the crust continue to erupt and build land mass. This is one of the reasons scientists believe the Pacific has a lot more islands than other seas and oceans, because of its violent underwater eruptions.

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