How does over fishing of one species effect other species?



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    yes of course.  Animals belong in what is known as a food web. The fish (say trout)  Eats certain things, and is eaten by certain things.  Obviously over-fishing trout is going to take away both a prey and predator species. This will clearly affect anything it ate by taking away one of their predators, which could boost their population.  this will also effect the predators of trout, because they have lost prey.  Which could lower their numbers.  This would them have a butterfly effect throughout the web. 

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    Overfishing can cause problems for other species as it moves along the food chain. If apredator depends on a certain species of fish and that species is removed due to overfishing, the predator will face declining populations as well. Overfishing of one species can have devastating effects on an entire ecosystem.

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    Over fishing of one species can have effects on the species both lower and higher on the food chain.  The fish or other animals the overfished species normally eats will increase, while the species that depend on the overfished species as a source of food may begin to die out.  Overfishing of one species can affect the entire eco-system of the lake, pond, river or ocean the species lives in.

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    There is also a concept called “fishing down the food chain”. This phrase essentially refers to the practice over time of fishing seafood further up the food chain (and generally larger), and then as these populations dwindle, fisheries just move on to the next species lower down on the food chain (and smaller) that has a higher population. The process can just continue and end up in a downward spiral. For example, believe it or not, but lobster, which is now considered a delicacy of sorts, used to not even be considered edible in comparison to all the other seafood the oceans provided in abundance.  So, even if a species is not currently being overfished, there is always the possibility that it will become the next popular item as more choice species decline in abundance.  

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