How does over fishing in America hurt the fish populations in China?



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    In my own opinion, it’s not the overfishing that is the real problem; it’s that supermarkets and specialty stores will only pay enough to buy cheap fish, and the only way to get lots of cheap fish quickly is to overfish, rather than farm them, or even ensure that you don’t overfish. Businesses will go after whoever is selling the lowest. If they can’t get their product from an American company, because we have overfished here, they will go to another company located in, say, China, and buy their fish there. Then, to provide enough fish, other countries will begin to overfish to provide for export material and for their own country’s food.

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    The greatest threat to the fisheries populations in China is our consumption of Chinese industrial goods. China is going through their industrial revolution due in large part to our consumption of their goods. This industrial expantion is doing to Chinese fisheries resources the same that our industrial revolution did.

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