How does one recycle car rims?



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    Most used car and auto part dealers will take your car rims to resell. usually can tell you where to recycle almost anything but auto parts brought up few results.  Still, depending on the material of the rims, you could probably bring them to your nearest recycling center for that – and can tell you what centers near you recycle that type of material.

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    A great site to visit if you are unsure of how to recycle something is  However, they don’t always have the answers since so many things we use were not created to be recycled or reused.  So if they don’t know the answer you can always contact your State Department of Environmental Quality/Department of Environmental Protection(DEQ/DEP) – Use This List to Find information near you.  If you’re still unsure, contacting your local dump or waste management agency and they can help you find the right answer.  



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