how does a octopus escape from its enemies



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    The octopus has a number of unique defense mechanisms. When initially threatened, it will release ink and swim away very fast. It also has the ability to change color and blend in with surroundings. There is even one species that can mimic other predators! The octopus also has a sharp beak with potent venom that it can use when attacked.

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    They can entirely change color, so what usually happens is that they will spurt out a cloud of dark ink, jet away, and change color to blend into their surroundings, so that they are hard to differentiate and attack.

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    The octopus is very intelligent, and often can simply outsmart and escape from predators. They are able to manipulate their bodies to fit into even the smallest cracks and crevasses. Octopuses are also able to use jet propulsion to escape. Instead of crawling or swimming away, the octopus will stretch its body into a straight, thin line and shoot itself away.

    Octopuses can hide from predators by camouflaging their bodies. Last but not least, the octopus has an ink sac that allows them to shoot a cloud of dark ink into the water. This dulls the sense of smell of predators as it clouds the water to decrease visibility. The octopus will make its escape while the predator is confused.

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    An octipus can escape by:
    1) Having good eye sight to see predators before they see it
    2) They can making their body squeeze into even the tiniest of crevices and
    3) It can, when it gets spooked, spray an ink substance at the attacker.
    4) Bioluminescence or being able to blend in with it’s enviroment

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