How does nuclear energy cause pollution?



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    Well, lets look at both the pros and cons of nuclear energy.
    Nuclear energy generates high amounts of electricity at one plant and the technology used is readily available. Another pro is that emits a rather low amount of CO2. If one were to only look at the pros, it seems like a pretty good option. But nuclear energy is neither safe nor sustainable.

    While it doesn’t emit CO2, the waste it produces is arguably more more dangerous: nuclear waste. This is extremely dangerous the U.S. requires the waste to be looked after for 10,000 years.. which really isn’t a very good plan. Think about this: what if humans aren’t around for another 10,000 years? What happens to the waste then? Well, it leaks and some bad things will probably go down. Not only is the waste extremely dangerous, nuclear plants are high risk. The security standards are typically pretty high, but you can take every safety precaution in the book and accidents can still happen. The second citation provided talks about such accidents. They’re also targets for terrorists attacks, and the results of that would be worse than 9/11. Not to mention uranium, the energy source of nuclear energy, is scarce. There is only a 30-60 year supply depending on demand.

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