How does the Nokia E-CU phone use body heat?



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    The Nokia E-CU phone contains a thermogenerator inside of it, a device that converts heat energy into electrical energy. The exterior of the phone is made of copper, and is engraved with heat sinks, which absorb external heat. This allows for any heat to be absorbed into the phone through the heat sinks, and then converted into electrical energy inside, replenishing the battery life. This heat can be taken from many sources, from radiators to body heat!


    That’s right, this phone can be charged from anywhere there is heat. No portable chargers required! This is environmentally friendly due to the fact that it will help reduce the amount of unwanted phone chargers that have made up 51,000 tons of waste, and reduce greenhouse gases by decrease the amount of electricity usually used to charge phones.


    More details and photos of the phone can be found here:

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