How does mulch keep weeds from growing?



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    Mulch, if properly applied, provides a ground cover that prevents enough light from reaching the soil that weeds’ seeds in the ground will not be able to germinate.

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    Just so you know, “sour mulch” lowers the pH of the soil, effectively killing the weeds. This isn’t good, however, because everything dies, not solely the weeds. Thus mulch prevents weeds, but it will also prevent other growth. Test the pH of your soil to see if your mulch has gone toxic. If the pH is between 1.8 and 2.5, then your mulch is deadly!

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    Any mulching that kills everything is inimical to the environment. Organic mulching (using mulching materials from plant matters) is mostly advocated since it reduces the emergence of weeds and as well promote soil fertility.

    Organic mulching keeps weeds down because it does not allow weed seeds to germinate. Even when they germinate they will find it difficult to grow out if the mullch is thick. As the mulch remains, it may cause the death and decomposition of weed seeds since the mulch materials undergo some decomposition process liberating heat which may kill the weed seeds.

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