How does mountaintop removal contribute to global warming?



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    According to the EPA, mountaintop removal and mining leads to: 

    • an increase of minerals in the water — zinc, sodium, selenium, and sulfate levels may increase and negatively impact fish and macroinvertebrates leading to less diverse and more pollutant-tolerant species
    • streams in watersheds below valley fills tend to have greater base flow
    • streams are sometimes covered up
    • wetlands are, at times inadvertently and other times intentionally, created; these wetlands provide some aquatic functions, but are generally not of high quality
    • forests may become fragmented (broken into sections)
    • the regrowth of trees and woody plants on regraded land may be slowed due to compacted soils
    • grassland birds are more common on reclaimed mine lands as are snakes; amphibians such as salamanders, are less likely
    • valley fills are generally stable

    As for its effect on global warming specifically, it contributes to it in a lot of the ways you might expect: the massive vehicles needed to transport the detritus from mountains burn enormous amounts of fossil fuel, and coal is burned for power, both major causes of global warming.

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    Also, mountaintop mining causes heavy deforestation. Deforestation contributes to global warming because trees help reduce carbon in the Earth’s atmosphere, so when they are cut, they can no longer perform this function.  Also, after mountaintop mining occurs, the land is left with soil that has coal fragments in it, which makes it difficult for trees and plants to start growing again in the area.  Mountaintop mining currently accounts for between 7 and 17% of global warming pollution.

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    Mountain top removal happens to mine  coal, and burning coal is a major course of the greenhouse gasses that contribute to global warming.

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