How does mold grow on food?



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    Mold spores are very hardy little guys, and as such, they can survive extreme temperatures.  And they’re everywhere: unless something is specifically sterilized, it probably has some mold spores on it.  They float around in the air on dust.  Molds cannot make their own foods, so they will grow on something that can provide them with a source of nourishment.  If the conditions where the food is kept accommodate mold growth, mold will eventually grow.

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    Mold spores are everywhere, indoor and outdoor, floating in the air. When mold spores settle on location conducive to growth, they start to grow. Mold grow in warm and moist locations. This is why refrigeration holds off mold growth. Mold had deep roots into the food where it is growing and the green or gray fuzz on food is just the most outward showing of the mold. Mold can cause alergic reactions or poisoning depending on how much and what kind of mold is consumed.

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