How does modern architecture benefit the environment?



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    Green upgrades to current buildings allow older buildings to be more envrinomentally friendly, such as solar panel installations. Furthermore, with new constructions being built, architecture exists which allows buildings to harness wind power based on their shape and proximity to high levels of wind.

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    LEED is probably the most popular way buildings are becoming more sustainable.  Modern building codes are even starting to incorporate LEED principles to require new buildings to be more sustainable.  Some of the ways architecture is become more sustainable include: recycling of construction waste, solar panels, overhangs, insulation, efficient windows, and using sunlight more efficiently.

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    One of modern architecture’s most important contributions to the environment is the emphasis on modular architecture.  Buckminster Fuller and Le Corbusier brought were two figures who brought this issue to light in the early 20th century, but the Home Delivery Exhibit at MoMA New York in 2008 showed that firms are still working on the concept and making strides toward using it.

    Modular architecture benefits the environment by making construction more efficient, guaranteeing reuse of parts and lessening the amount of travel needed to get materials to the constructions site.

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