How does the mobile phone industry have a lot of emissions?



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    Due to the enormous number of cell phone subscriptions (in the realm of 5 billion internationally) emissions from the mobile phone industry are on par with the automotive industry and aviation.  Energy use from radio networks and transportation accounts for 183 million tons of CO2 per year.  The industry is addressing this issue by seeking more efficient energy sources, and by improving the energy efficiency of the product.  Also on the subject of cell phone emission…  Throughout the 1990’s many experiments were performed on animals to investigate possible harmful effects of exposure to radiation from cell phones, microwaves and other electronics.  Experiments were also carried out on humans to confirm suspicions of radiation affecting memory and other brain functions.  These experiments were inconclusive; the hazards of cell phone radiation is a subject of scientific debate.

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    According to, and, there are 4.1 billion phones, most of which get replaced after just one year.

    In that one year one phone will use 32 gallons of oil and produce 112 kg of CO2. Unplugged chargers of all cell phones waste enough electricity to power 28000 homes.

    140000000 phones end up in landfills this year, if every phone was recycled we could save enough energy to power 272000 homes.

    To charge every phone on the planet we need 584000 gallons of oil and produce 35 million pounds of CO2 one day!  

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