How does military sonar kill whales?



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    Military sonars can cause injury and death to whales and other marine mammals due to the intense sound waves these sonars produce. Some sonar systems produce up to 235 decimals that can travel anywhere from tens to hundreds of miles of ocean. Mid-frequency sonar blasts can cause whales to change their dive patterns in a way that can be lethal to their health. In addition, naval sonar has been shown to disrupt feeding and other necessary behaviors and to cause whales and other marine life to panic and flee.

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    Sonar can confuse a whale and inhibit it’s ability to determine direction correctly. Many whales have ended up beached due to the impacts of sonar. In addition, whales have their own kind of sonar to communicate with one another and find food, so military sonar essentially disrupts a whale’s ability to effectively survive and function in a normal, healthy way. 

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