How does military sonar kill whales?



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    Sound waves that are broadcasted by the military as a means of locating submarines have caused deaths to whales.  The whales who fall victim to sonar signals show symptoms comparable to the bends (decompression sickness that afflicts divers).  The effect has been studied by scientists from the UK and Spain.  Bubbles of nitrogen form in the vital organs of cetaceans. 

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    After tests being doneon Military Low Frequency Active Sonar (LFAS) it was clearly shown that the use of this sonar has caused the recent deaths of whales and other marine life. After a Navy diver was exposed to 160 decibles of LFAS for 15 minutes, the diver suffered dizziness, confusion, and tingling in the arms. Months later, the diver complained of ongoing memory loss, depression, and seziures. After thorough research, evidence began to show that there have been at least 9 major strandings of whales in the vicinity of naval operations since 1975. After examining the bodies of the dead whales, there revealed blood in the eyes, brains, and damage to the lungs. One clear example would be when 12 cuvier beaked whales, a deep diving breed that is rarely stranded, was washed up on the west coast of Greece just days after a LFAS was tested around the area.

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