How does a marine biologist help the environment?



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    A marine biologist categorizes and studies many types of oceanic and water life. They allow us to understand oceans and its fragile nature. Without marine biologists we would not notice the devastation that we are causing to our sensitive oceans. 

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    Marine Biologists study life in the ocean and other brackish (salty) waters, for example, estuaries, bays, and tidal flats.  Not only do they help us notice destruction to our oceans and understand how ocean processes work, but they provide the information needed to create new management practices and build a sustainable future.  In this way, Marine Biologists do the groundwork for supplying the information needed by decision makers; fisheries managers, coastal developers, governments, etc.  By combining the hard science collected by Marine Biologists, with the social information collected by policy makers and other social and political scientists, our governing bodies are able to make informed decisions that will help sustain humans and the all-important ocean environment.

    To get an idea of how extensive the field of Marine Biology is, check out the first section titled “What is marine biology and what is a marine biologist?” at the link below.

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