How does light reflection work?



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    Light reflects off of everything in some way. Everything we see has a color and that color is caused by light reflecting off the surface. Plants are green because they absorb light, but they do not absorb the color green on the spectrum. Things like mirros and calm surfaces of water specular refractors, meaning that refract all the light that hits them and the light bounces off at an angle, as a pool ball would on a table.

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    Reflection is when light hits a surface, and is bounced off the surface at the same angle.

    If all the light that hits the object bounces off at the same angle, it is known as specular reflection. Specularly reflected light reveals images, such as in a mirror. 

    Objects like a table, and chair also reflect light, but you often cannot see your reflection because the light scatters instead of being reflected all at the same angle, since, at a molecular level, the table or chair isn’t as smooth as a mirror. This is called diffuse reflection.

    When light hits an object it can either be reflected or refracted. Refracted light continue to travel through the object at a different angle than when it hit the object. Reflected light bounces off an object at the same angle with which it hit the object. Usually, when light hits an object, a little bit of reflection and refraction happens. For example, when you look into water, the glare is the diffuse reflected light, and what enables you to see what is happening underwater is the result of refracted light.

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