How does lettuce hurt the soil?



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    I’m not quite sure what you mean by this question. As far as I know, lettuce, like any other fruit or vegetable, does not harm the surrounding soil. Lettuce can be grown in various types of soil, and because they don’t have extensive root systems, it is important to use plowed soil that is rich in nutrients that is kept moist for proper germination. Growing your own lettuce (as well as other fruits and vegetables you enjoy) at home is a fresh and eco-friendly alternative to purchasing it at a grocery store, because you’ll be eliminating your carbon footprint altogether (at least in terms of this one aspect). There’s also no need to use pesticides or fertilizer with harmful chemicals that end up in our water supply, because you can even make your own compost for your garden.

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    Though lettuce is difficult to grow and rather finicky about the condition of the soil, it does not adversely effect the soil.  Lettuce requires rather acidic soil and requires cold weather.  They require lots of rain and must not be planted too densely.  The attached website contains additional tips.

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