How does Japan know that space solar will work?



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    The space solar endeavor is one that has been pondered for a long time, though it is usually dismissed as too costly to be practical. They’ve been working on laser technology to harness the power of the sunlight as well as working on refining energy transmissions from Earth and space by way of microwave. Furthermore, “JAXA says its potential advantages are straightforward: in space, solar irradiance is five to 10 times as strong as on the ground, so generation is more efficient; solar energy could be collected 24 hours a day; and weather would not pose a problem. The system would also be clean, generating no pollution or waste, and safe. The intensity of energy reaching Earth’s surface might be about five kilowatts per square meter—about five times that of the sun at noon on a clear summer day at midlatitudes.” There is a lot more to be said on the subject here:

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