How does iron affect your body?



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    Too much or too little iron can do bad things, including kill you – see the link (who knew there was an “Iron Disorders Institute”?).

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    Iron is extremely important for normal functioning of the body. It helps transport oxygen through red blood cells, keeps the immune and central nervous system healthy, and aids in energy production. This is why if your body does not get enough iron, you may develop a form of iron deficient anemia, which can make you may feel extremely fatigued and tired. If you are feeling unusually tired, weak in the body, fatigued, sensitive, or experience fainting or rapid heartbeat, you may want to look to your daily intake of iron.

    The FDA recommends 10 milligrams a day for men and 15 milligrams a day for women. Common sources of iron include red meat, some fish, beans, spinach and dried fruits. Some breakfast cereals or bars are fortified with iron.

    Vegetarians be extra wary – black beans and spinach are your friends!

    Also, fun fact – Vitamin C helps your body absorb iron. Eat an orange after your steak? Why not?


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