How does the iPod reduce your carbon footprint?



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    A traditional iPod can reduce your carbon footprint when you buy music in electronic format, rather than buying CDs or DVDs. It’s still good to support artists, so people certainly shouldn’t stop buying CDs for environmental reasons. But the fact is that the printing, packaging and shipping of compact discs requires energy and contributes to CO2 emissions. The carbon footprint of MP3 files is much lower.

    A more advanced iPod, such as the iPod Touch that has Wi-Fi, can help you reduce your carbon footprint because of its internet capabilities. For example, you can access public transit schedules and maps to help you reduce your driving distance. Earth911 and other organizations have created apps related to recycling.

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    The two main reasons that come to mind are:

    1) the purchasing of music digitally instead of on plastics CDs

    2) as far as portable music players go, iPods are great because they do not use batteries (as the discmen and walkmen from my early childhood did) which are not great for the environment 

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