How does a inventor of a windmill design get help when its design competes with nukes vast wealth

It is posted on You tube under Automatic Feathering Flat Blade Radial Windmill



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    Renewable energy is a preferable alternative to coal, natural gas, oil and nuclear power. However, as the current state of wind and solar technology are not yet productive enough to replace less clean energy sources, it will likely be several decades before the United States and other countries are able to rely heavily on renewables.

    The cost per kilowatt-hour (kwh) is the measure that politicians and businesses use to determine how expensive an energy source is. According to the US Department of Energy, the cost of Advanced Nuclear power is .113 USD/kwh while wind power is .097 USD/kwh for land-based wind turbines and .243 for offshore wind turbines. This means that the cost is not so different. The energy capacity, however, differs vastly- nuclear energy produces significantly more energy than wind turbines- more than 67% because of the variability of wind. (See link 1, Energy Information Administration, for further details) 

    Because of the desirability of increased reliance on renewable energy sources such as wind power, the government has created tax exemptions for companies that either directly provide or are innovating for renewable energy. (See link 2, Department of Energy tax breaks). Hopefully, in time and with increased political attention, renewables will have enough of a head start to compete head-to-head with fossil fuels and nuclear energy sources. 

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