How does hunting harm the ecosystem?



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    The practice of hunting is harmful to the balance of the ecosystem when the target prey is of a small, non-sustainable or endangered population. In this case, killing of individuals may greatly harm that species’ chance of surviving or propagating in the given location. However, there are laws against hunting endangered species, therefore preventing this problem (on a legal level). In most cases, the practice of hunting is essentially part of the “circle of life,” in which man, the top predator, is killing off individuals of an overpopulated group or species.

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    Hunting can harm the ecosystem if a protected or endangered species is hunted, like whales or rhinos. This type of hunting depletes species and is responsible for animal extinction. However, sometimes hunting protects the ecosystem, in cases where members of a species are running rampant and overtaking the ecosystem, such as sometimes deer and rabbits. Hunting these types of animals for food can help control the ecosystem.

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