How does human population growth affect Animals?



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    Human population growth affects wildlife in many negative ways. As the population grows, more and more land is converted to homes and roads for people. Deforestation and lost of habitat for animals is a growing problem as the population of humans continues to increase. Loss of habitat for agricultural purposes is also a factor of increasing concern. With the population increasing, more people will need resources that many farms provide. This will result in the increase of agriculture and less space for animals. 

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    As the human population continues to grow, we will see more and more encroachment on natural habitats and resources.  When any species comes to dominate the food chain and the local ecosystem they inhabit, other species around them will suffer the consequences.  They may become prey.  They may lose their habitats to the invading species.  They may run out of food.  The growth of the human population is just this type of species interaction on a massive, global scale.  Not to mention that humans are capable of greatly altering the environment around them physically and chemically, which can further disrupt and displace the animals that live there.

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