How does a human body create bacteria?



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    The human body doesn’t create bacteria, but lots of bacteria live and replicate on our skin and inside our bodies. In fact, there are more bacterial cells on and inside our bodies than there are human cells! However, no all this bacteria is bad. for example, the bacteria inside our digestive system, such as E. coli., is critical to our digestion of certain foods. In fact, when we fart, we are releasing gases that are produced by the bacteria that help break down the food we eat!

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    Yes. Many of the bacteria in our bodies are ingested, but we also produce some, such as the one that causes postoperative wound infection.

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      Bacteria that cause infections when we are injured or operated on might be living and breeding harmlessly on our skin prior to wound acquisition. However, they are still acquired extraneously, and never produced by the human body.

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