How does architecture help your home stay warm?



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    The design of a building can serve to heat and cool the building naturally. Large quantities of energy are used to heat and cool buildings. However, green architects can vastly reduce heating costs by designing buildings that have features that naturally heat and cool the building. For example, windows designed to face the sun in an optimal way, and at certain angles, can actually heat a building quite effectively. Also, the choice of building materials and the thickness of the walls can help keep heat in in the winter, and keep heat out in the summer. Strucres called “overhangs” and roofs can be positioned to provide shade, and cool a building. For example, oevrhangs can shade windows and prevent warmth from entering rooms during hot months.

    Within a building, the positioning of walls, doors, and vents can help guide the natural flow of air, allowing for heat or cool air to move through the building in a way that optimizes the desired temperature.

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