How does heat travel all the way from the sun to the earth?



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    As we know that Sun is a Radiating body which emits light and Heat . Heat emitted by the sun is travelled as Radiation .hence the mode of transfer of the heat is radiation( in the vaccum).But as the heat enters into the earth environment then there will be convective mode of heat transfer as the heat is transferred as the motion of the molecules of the medium such as water and air .

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    The Sun emits energy in the form of electromagnetic radiation, which it creates in the process of fusion.  In the core, where fusion occurs, the Sun produces gamma rays, which in on their way to the Sun’s surface are converted into lower frequencies of energy.  By the time it reaches the surface, the sun’s radiation is within the range of infrared-UV rays. 

    Since electromagnetic radiation does not require a medium to travel through, the sun’s energy can travel through the vacuum of space all the way to Earth, so long as it doesn’t run into any other matter on the way.   When the Sun’s radiation reaches Earth, it is absorbed into matter, either by the atmosphere or the Earth’s surface, depending on how deep the rays penetrate before they’re absorbed.  Once absorbed, the radiation excites the molecules of the matter that absorbed it, and thus the Sun’s energy is converted into heat.

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