How does a group decide what is a walkable city?



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    The American Podiatric Medical Association – known as the AMPA – developed a set of criteria to quantify the best cities for walking. The elements of the measure include “population density per square mile, use of mass transit, crime rates, square miles of local and state parks and a 1-5 rating on a walkability scale.” Other organizations use slightly different criteria, and measure different objectives, such as the ability to complete errands and the safety of pedestrians.

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    • A center
    • People
    • Mixed income, mixed use
    • Parks and public space
    • Pedestrian design
    • Schools and workplaces
    • Complete streets
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    I think that ajbry and phallus pretty  much covered it, but for reference, according to CNBC, the most walkable cities in the US are: San Francisco, New York, Boston, Seattle, Washington, D.C., Honolulu, Philadelphia, Chicago, Providence and Portland.

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