How does a green job market help our environment?



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    Businesses consume a large portion of the nation’s energy, as well as most of the waste that makes its way to our landfills. When businesses go green, everyone benefits. Switching (partially or entirely) to solar energy, recycling, reducing waste, constructing new buildings using renewable and non-hazardous materials, and using natural and energy-efficient lighting are just a few ways that businesses can make a HUGE positive impact on the environment.

    When businesses go green, demand increases in green industries, and more green jobs are created. Some universities are beginning to offer business degrees that emphasize green practices, and savvy investors have been filling their portfolios with socially-responsible stocks for the past few years.

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    A green job market right now does a lot for the environment! For one, green jobs get the word out that we are making an active effort to improve where we live. Green jobs come in a wide variety of forms, and most of the focus on our environment and ways to improve our world for the future. Green jobs are basically designed to preserve our environment and/or help to clean it up!

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    Green jobs also make it easier for more people to help the environment.  They create products, inventions, and ideas that help combat climate change. Green jobs not only make these things available, but make them more mainstream.  Thusly, green products are able to reach far more people–people who wouldn’t normally go out of their way to buy green items. With more green jobs, more green items are out there, and more people can get access to them.

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