How does green building make people perform better at the office?



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    It probably doesn’t.  It might make the people who work in the building feel better about their impact on the environment while at work, but I don’t think it would necessarily make them better workers. However, if a building is built to be so green and efficient that it ends up saving the company money, it is possible that the workers could have more benefits or higher wages than a comprable job at a non-green building.  In that case, making more money may make the workers more satisfied with their jobs, happier at work and thereby more efficient.

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    Green building promotes employee health there interiors are made of such materials like low VOC paints,sealants,adhesive and carpets which are not harmful for health.The passive daylighting provides views to outdoors,operable windows allows the intake of fresh air in,carbondi oxide monitors helps to check the levels of vitiated air.Indiviual workstations are equiped with task lighting and distinct controls of thermostat to maintain a personal comfort zone. Overall green Building are high performance buildings which reduce emloyee absenteeism and promote human health.

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