How does the Great Green Wall of Africa work?



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    The purpose of this wall is to stop desertification of northern Africa.  The goasl from the implemination of the wall include use of bioenergy, reintroducing plantlife, and improved resource management.  How this works is that they plant trees across 7000 km of land, creating a line that is 5 km deep.  Besides this Great Green wall will be water basins to help local farmers be able to grow food for themselves and their families year long.

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    The Great Green Wall of Africa is simply a wall of trees to stop desertification from spreading further from the Sahara to other parts of Africa.  Trees are a great way to cut down on the ground level wind that often times picks up degraded soil leaving a deserted landscape uncapable of supporting plants and bone dry.  Trees block sand storms while at the same time improving the soil quality with roots.  

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